Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration & Mediation for Management & Labor

Following retirement from 24 years as Regional Director for the NLRB, I am eager to
continue my career as a neutral.

As Regional Director, I decided thousands of unfair labor practice issues, facilitated
countless settlements and reached timely and logically reasoned decisions in hundreds of
representation cases. In all these endeavors I attempted to listen patiently, to examine the
evidence objectively and thoughtfully and to act in a manner eminently fair to all sides.
I have also been active within the labor relations community, assuming key committee
positions and speaking frequently at conferences and law schools. In recognition of my
achievements I received the Presidential Rank Award in 2010.

More recently, I have been appointed to a number of permanent panels and have issued dozens
of Opinions and Awards on a wide variety of issues arisingg under both collective bargaining
and neutrality agreements.  I have also been engaged in several mediations regarding both
collective bargaining negotiations and grievances. I approach my new opportunities with energy
and enthusiasm and would welcome the privilege of arbitrating any disputes.

Please call or write me for references or any other questions.


Per Diem: $1,800 both for in-person arbitration hearings, study time and preparation of Opinion and Award, and for mediation sessions.

Hearings: In-person hearings and mediations are ordinarily charged at a minimum of one day except in circumstances agreed in advance. Telephonic or other expedited hearings are charged at $250 per hour.

Cancellation Policy: For matters cancelled 30 days or fewer before the scheduled hearing, the cancellation fee is one day per scheduled day(s) of hearing.

Travel Time: Travel time exceeding 3 hours one way on a day other than the scheduled arbitration or mediation may be charged at the rate of $150.00 per hour.

Expenses: Actual cost of reasonable expenses is charged, including items such as airfare, car rental, food and lodging. Automobile mileage is charged at IRS rate. Airfare will be charged at the lowest fully refundable fare available for reasonably convenient flights at the time of purchase. A late fee may be added to unpaid balances.

Detailed terms of engagement will be forwarded to parties upon selection.